Swiss Trusted List of trust service providers and their services

Scope and Context of the Swiss Trusted List

The Swiss Trusted List allows users of certification services and interested parties to determine the qualified status and the status history of trust service providers and their services.
The Swiss Trusted List includes information related to the qualified trust service providers (TSPs) which are recognised and supervised in Switzerland, together with information related to the qualified trust services provided by them, in accordance with the relevant provisions laid down in the Federal Act of 18 March 2016 on Electronic Signatures (SR 943.03). 
The Swiss Trusted List includes only recognised TSPs and only their services that meet the requirements (see section Rules for assessment of the listed services below).
The Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) is responsible for publishing the Swiss Trusted List.
The Swiss Trusted List is available in a machine-readable format (XML) via the following link [lien]. A human-readable list (PDF file) of recognised TSPs is available on the webpage 

Description and Information about the National Recognition and Supervision Scheme

In order to issue regulated and qualified certificates within the meaning of the Federal Act of 18 March 2016 on Electronic Signatures (SR 943.03), trust service providers must first be recognised in accordance with the conditions laid down in the act, ordinance and technical and administrative regulations on electronic signatures (see section Rules for assessment of the listed services below). After recognition, the trust service providers are supervised to ensure that the provided trust services continue to meet the requirements.
The Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) and the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) set the requirements.
The accredited recognition body is in charge of recognition and supervision of the TSPs in accordance with the conditions laid down in the Federal Act of 6 October 1995 on Technical Barriers to Trade (SR 946.51) and the corresponding implementing provisions. The assessment procedures comply with the rules of the ISO/IEC 17021 standard. The recognition body is responsible for granting and withdrawing the qualified status for TSPs. KPMG Ltd is currently the only accredited recognition body.
The Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) accredits the recognition bodies in accordance with the provisions of the Accreditation and Designation Ordinance of 17 June 1996 (SR 946.512). The SAS is responsible for publishing the list of recognised TSPs. The SAS establishes, maintains and publishes the Trusted List in collaboration with the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM).

Rules for the Assessment of the Listed Services

TSPs and their services included in the Swiss Trusted List are assessed against the provisions laid down in:
-the Federal Act of 18 March 2016 on Certification Services in the Area of the Electronic signature and other digital certificate applications (Federal Act on Electronic Signatures, SR 943.03), 
-the Ordinance on Certification Services in the Area of the Electronic signature and other digital certificate applications (Ordinance on Electronic Signatures, SR 943.032),
-the technical and administrative regulations on Certification Services in the Area of the electronic signatures and other digital certificate applications.
The links to these documents are published on

Interpretation of the Trusted List

The trust service provider is identified by the TSP information field values. The trust service is identified by the Service Name and the Service Digital Identity field values. The Swiss Trusted List includes only recognised TSPs and only their services that meet the abovementioned requirements (see section Rules for assessment of the listed services above).
The Trusted List includes both current and historical information about the status of the listed trust services. The qualified status of a trust service is indicated by the combination of the Service Type Identifier value in a service entry and the status according to the Service Current Status field value as from the date indicated in the Current Status Starting Date and Time field.
The list is drawn up in accordance with the specification ETSI TS 119 612 (available in the Standards section of Please refer to this specification for further information concerning the meaning of the field values.

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