Validity of an accreditation

Do you have any questions regarding the validity of an accreditation or a document?

The validity period of an accreditation is a maximum of 5 years from the date of the last accreditation.

You can find all the conformity assessment bodies that are currently accredited in the section "Who is accredited?". To get the complete list of all accredited bodies, leave the search field empty, do not enter a specific selection in the field "Accreditation Type" and press "Start search".

The SAS will gladly provide information regarding the validity of a specific document related to an accreditation. This includes documents marked with a SAS accreditation symbol and/or documents that have been issued by a conformity assessment body which refers to an accreditation of the SAS. If you have any requests, please submit the specific document as well as information on the context to the e-mail address (see contact box on the right).

Last modification 02.08.2022

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