Webicon40 Accreditation Procedure

Accreditation Procedure

You can apply for accreditation in the following fields:

  • Testing
  • Medical laboratories
  • Calibration
  • Reference material producers
  • Proficiency testing providers
  • Certification for management systems
  • Certification for persons
  • Certification for products, processes and services
Webicon31 Standards


The general requirements for accreditation are defined by the standards of the serie ISO/IEC 17000 and by other normative basics. This first chart gives an overview over the standards for accredited bodies.

Webicon8 Basics and documents

Basics and documents

The documents are divided into various categories:

  • Basics
  • Documents according to the type of accreditation
  • Information for CABs
  • Technical experts / sector committee members
  • E-bill