Basics and documents

This section contains all of the documents and basic information relating to the accreditation. You can download and print all of the documents in this section free of charge.

The documents are divided into various categories (five sections):

  • General basic information: Documents of general importance for the accreditation, such as legal bases, request forms and generally applicable technical regulations
  • Reference documents and guidelines: Documents for the accreditation process, sorted by section and accreditation type
  • Information for CABs: Important information by SAS for accredited bodies and interested parties, mailing information and transitional periods for standards
  • Technical experts / sector committee members: Documents required for the activities of SAS technical experts or sector committee members
  • E-bill: General information, payment details and contact persons

Note: Standards have to be ordered from the SNV. You can find an overview of the standards used by SAS as a basis for granting accreditations at: Standards.

Last modification 22.09.2017

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