Filetransfer Service FTS

The File Transfer Service (FTS) is an application that enables the transfer of large amounts of data between users within the Federal Administration.

The File Transfer Service also enables the exchange of files between the Federal Administration and external users (suppliers, partners, etc.). However, to enable them to access the web application and transfer files to the federal administration, an invitation from a federal employee is required.

Technical information about FTS:

Browser IE 11, Edge, Firefox, Chrome
Important: For uploading large files (> 1 GB) it is recommended to use Internet Explorer 11 (which has ActiveX controls that allow faster data transfer).
Maximum file size 10 GB
Maximum storage period 7 days
Mailbox size per user 15 GB
Access within Federal Administration by means of EIAM (Smartcard)  
External access external persons receive temporary access for 90 days via an invitation from a member of the Federal Administration staff

Sending the files via the web interface

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Files retrieval via the web interface for employees of the federal administration

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Invitation procedure for users outside the Federal Administration

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Create external user account

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